OPP 2005 Sponsors

November 2-3, 2005
Chicago, Illinois USA
Wyndham O'Hare Hotel

September 2005 marks the 10th anniversary of the publication by O'Reilly Media of Oracle PL/SQL Programming (OPP), the first third-party text on Oracle PL/SQL and the first book on PL/SQL written by Steven Feuerstein. OPP has long been considered the "bible for PL/SQL developers" and has sold over 200,000 copies through its first three editions. Steven has decided to celebrate this moment with a two-day conference on, and celebration of, the Oracle PL/SQL language: Oracle PL/SQL Programming 2005.

Conference Highlights

  • Learn from the PL/SQL experts. More...
    Trainings, sessions, and presentations from Steven Feuerstein (PL/SQL author and trainer), Bryn Llewellyn (PL/SQL Product Manager) and Marcel Kratochvil (winner of Oracle Magazine PL/SQL Developer the Year).
  • Attend four intensive session tracks: More...
    • § "In-Depth PL/SQL" by Steven Feuerstein
    • § "Developing Multimedia Applications for the Internet" by Marcel Kratochvil
    • § "Oracle PL/SQL—The View from Redwood Shores" by Bryn Llewellyn
    • § "Toad® for Oracle—Quest Software
  • Receive a signed copy of the fourth edition of Oracle PL/SQL Programming (scheduled for publication in September 2005 at Oracle OpenWorld 2005).

This PL/SQL-focused conference is the first of its kind, and a unique opportunity to learn from some of the most respected and experienced PL/SQL experts in the world.  Whether you've been using PL/SQL for years or have recently started working with this language, OPP2005 is a must-attend event.

Register early and you may win the O'Reilly Oracle Bookshelf!

We are currently selecting registrants to win one of 10 "O'Reilly Oracle Bookshelves" and one of 7 seats at a dinner with Steven himself on November 2.  Register today for your chance to win one of these great prizes! 

Influence the future of the PL/SQL language.

We will also use the conference as an opportunity to present suggestions to Mr. Llewellyn from PL/SQL developers on how to improve the PL/SQL language.  Visit 21st Century PL/SQL to offer your suggestions for PL/SQL and to vote on ideas entered by other developers.

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